Day: January 12, 2018

Fox head cake

Fox Head Cake

I have made tons of the Unicorn head cakes …but today I got to try something new!!! It’s a FOX!!! It turned out SO ADORABLE!!! I just LOVE it!!! This FOX was made in Chocolate Fudge Cake and decorated in Buttercream and a little fondant.. I just wanted to keep him sitting on the table […]

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Dragon birthday cake with fondant cherry blossoms

Dragon Birthday Cake with Fondant Cherry Blossoms

Here is an AWESOME FUN ….Pause for effect ….DRAGON!!!!!!!!! Birthday Cake that went out yesterday. I LOVE sculpting things in fondant. This Dragon was so fun to make …and then I got to hand paint him as well …and the little branches & Cherry Blossoms turned out so pretty wrapped around …It would be fun […]

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