I am loving these CUTE Dinosaur Cupcakes going out this morning …made in Rich Chocolate Cake decorated in Buttercream, Oreo Crumbs and toy Dinos. These are for a little Dino lover to celebrate his birthday with all his buddies at school. I love the tradition of Mom’s taking cupcakes to school to celebrate a kid’s birthday. I remember my own Mom doing that now and then for me when I was in elementary school and how special it made me feel… I also like that these are topped with little toy Dinosaurs …I remember when I was a kid you could get a cupcake at the bakery for .20 and it would have a cute little toy on the top that you could play with after you ate the cupcake… now most things just have a paper/toothpick something on top.. lol Not near as much FUN! These cupcakes take me back to the GOOD Ol’ Days of Cupcakes.. LOL …Okay …maybe the Dino’s are not the only PREHISTORIC things in my kitchen this morning… I am feeling old… cupcakes for less than a quarter??? LOL #RexburgCakes #3DozenToShareWithTheClass #ImReallyNotTHATOld #DinosaurCupcakes #ToyToppedCupcakes #KidFun #WonderfulMemories #TasteAsGoodAsItLooks