Cake Highlights of 2017

Here it is… The “Cake Highlights of 2017”!!! I want to express my LOVE & GRATITUDE to all of my customers, friends & family who have supported me this year in this ADVENTURE!!! We are now 2 1/2 years in business and going strong!!! Just last year I thought of quitting …LOL (thus the friends theme song to 2016 Highlights …I’ll Be There for You!) And all of YOU have certainly been HERE for me this AMAZING year of 2017. I just want all of you to know …Rexburg Cakes is NOT going anywhere!!! I am LOVING this creative & fun outlet more than words can express. I know I could not do this without ALL of YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your cake orders, your support, your words of encouragement and your love. We really did it this year …I have gone from thinking of throwing in the towel to jumping off a cliff …at least it feels like that …adding 1,300 square feet of space and a NEW KITCHEN!!! What can I say??? Hello 2018 ….say Geronimo!!!!!!!!!! (Thank you to my AMAZING sweetheart Ryan Haworth for making this video…You make me look good Baby!) #RexburgCakes #Highlightsof2017 #AmazingYear #AmazingLife #LoveMyLittleCakeBusiness #AbundentlyBlessed #CouldNotEvenFiIntAllTheCakesLOL #ButHereAre300PicturesAboutTwoThirdsOfThisYearsCakes #Enjoy#ThankYOU #CantWaitToSeeWhat2018Holds #SayGeronimo