Chocolate Birthday Cake – Triple Chocolate Fudge with Fudge/Caramel Filling and Chocolate Buttercream

A Beautiful & Elegant Birthday Cake that went out Saturday for a Beautiful & Elegant lady. It was ordered by her husband …they are SO CUTE together!!! I had the privilege of making their Wedding Cake a couple years ago …and so enjoyed seeing the excitement, love and care as her sweetheart ordered her birthday cake …it reminded me of how excited they were when they ordered their Wedding Cake …It made my heart smile!!!! And OH!!! What a cake!!! All Triple Chocolate Fudge with a Turtle (Fudge/Caramel) filling …frosted in a RICH CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM & decorated with Chocolate Gold Flecked Drizzle, and more than a dozen Chocolate dipped Strawberries …YOU only turn 30 once!!!! Why not ENJOY it!!!! #RexburgCakes #CustomBirthdayCake #ThirtyBirthdayCake #DeathByChocolate #ChocolateDippedStrawberries #ChocolateButtercream #TasteEvenBetterThanItLooks