The Secret To Life


I love using the talents God has given me to make other people happy. I have loved to create and do artsy things since …forever! I do not have any memories where I was not playing with play dough, coloring, drawing …or finger painting. In 1995 I discovered Cake Decorating!!! I had finally discovered a way to create art that people would pay me for. I am completely self taught. I am not the best cake decorator out there (not even close) …But I love cake decorating. I am passionate about learning and trying new things. I love improving. I am good at doing more with less. I enjoy improvising and making things work that you would normally not think to use in cake decorating. I don’t own a lot of fancy tools …so I use whatever I have on hand. I have learned that a cake does not have to be perfectly flawless to be REALLY beautiful …just like life.