Life Size Burmese Python Cake

This is a life size Burmese Python cake that I made for my son’s 20th Birthday. I love it when my older kids call me up and still want a birthday cake made by Mom. (of course when you can request a cake like this …I don’t think it matters how old they get …they will always want a cake made by Mom). LOL

Here is an aerial view of the Burmese Python Cake. I did not have an air brush at the time I decorated this cake so I just painted on the yellow color with a sponge brush and some Yellow Wilton coloring. I sponged the coloring on trying to keep to the pattern of a picture of a “real” Burmese Python I was using for reference. If I am doing a cake to look like a certain animal or whatever in real life I always search for a picture to use as a reference. It really helps to SEE what it should look like when you’re done …that way you know how far off you are …or in this case if you SCORED like MAD!!! I really am a humble person …but I am pretty happy with how this cake turned out.

The Snake’s head was really fun to carve. He weighs about 10 pounds. He was carved from 3 …12″ rounds, tiered and frosted in buttercream and then wrapped in fondant. This Snake Cake serves 70-80 people if you can bring yourself to cut a slice and eat it!!! The secret to carving a 3-D sculpted cake is to freeze your cakes before you carve them. It makes them much easier to handle and you can carve smaller pieces away without your cake crumbling. And once again a picture of the real thing for reference is a MUST.

This life size Burmese Python Cake was so epic I had to take it outside and get some pictures. It just looked like it wanted to be outdoors …LOL I would never take a cake for a customer and set it on the ground outside to get pictures …but this was for one of my kids …so I did.

From the Oreo dirt, to the fondant ground and chocolate rocks …everything you see is edible except for the snakes eyes. Those are black plastic buttons. And you are not going to believe what I used to make the snake skin. I did not have a fancy fondant mat that would give me this design …so I went searching. At Wal-Mart in the kitchen isle I found a silicone pot holder in the shape of a hexagon with all these smaller hexagon shapes on it …$3.96 later … I trimmed the edges off with a pair of scissors ..and Viola! A snake skin fondant press.

Here is the left profile of the Burmese Python cake. (I named him Monte, ha, ha ..Get it???  …Monte Python? Never mind I will stick to cake decorating.

Here is the back of Monte. His coils turned out really cool. He did look REAL! In fact, he was so life like I kept watching to see if it would move. LOL  What was really bad was opening the fridge and him sitting there staring at you. My husband made a REALLY cool video of this cake sitting in our fridge. You can go check it out on You-Tube! Remember to like it and SHARE with your friends! Here is the link


Here is a view from the top …kind of the back side. The coolest part was the look of the snake skin as the frozen cakes started to thaw and his skin/fondant began glistening like it was moist!!!!!! I was expecting him to slither right off the table at any moment!!!! Soooooo creapy! I LOVED it. Monte has got to be one of my MOST favorite cakes I have decorated so far.

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