Sting Rays Figurines on Ocean Scene Birthday Cake

Sting Rays fondant figurines on ocean themed birthday cake
Good MORNING Facebook land!!!! Time to start spamming your feed with Cake Pictures!!!! Hold on to your hats!!! Crazy Cake Weekend order #5 of 14. This beautiful “Ocean” themed Cake is going out this morning for a little boy who LOVES Sting Rays! It’s made in Red Velvet Cake with an Andes Mint Fudge filling …decorated in Buttercream …Chocolate Rocks and some EDIBLE Sting Rays. I love how sting rays look like they are flying through the water instead of swimming. God makes some really AMAZING creatures!!! We live in a BEAUTIFUL world!!! Happy Saturday Everybody!!!#RexburgCakes #CustomBirthdayCakes #FondantStingRays #RedVelvetWithMintFudgeYUMMINESS #ILOVEalltheFUNOceanCakeOrdersIhavebeengetting #StayTunedTodayForTheOctopusCake #EPIC #TasteAsGoodAsItLooks