Oreo Cookies N Cream Birthday Cake Love from Chile, South America

I just really cannot put into words how much I LOVE delivering Birthday Cakes to BYU-Idaho Students! The cakes are usually pretty simple in design and not as crazy as some of the other challenging orders I get. But the LOVE that comes with these Cakes when I deliver them is almost TANGIBLE!!!! I have had some students CRY, some give me a HUG …ALL of them always have the BIGGEST Smiles …and are so very gracious and appreciative. It is so FUN getting to share in the Happiness as they feel LOVE across the miles from family and friends at home. This OREO Cookie Cake was delivered to a Young Man last week. It was ordered by his Darling, Sweet Mother in Chile, South America. She told me that 2 years ago her son started studying and living in the USA. She told me how much she loved and missed him and was so excited to surprise him with a Birthday Cake. She thanked me for helping to make them feel a little bit closer! It was so AWESOME!!! I LOVE making these Cakes and doing these deliveries!!! Thank you to ALL those who let me share in delivering some Birthday LOVE to your BYU-Idaho Student.  

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