Out of This World Space Themed Birthday Cake

I have been having so much FUN with Halloween I am behind AGAIN on posting Cake pictures …I know.. Story of my life! lol And I LOVE it! It is a BEAUTIFUL …CRAZY ..BUSY Life!!! So …Tuesday I got to make a COOL Space themed Birthday Cake for this AWESOME Young Man attending BYU-Idaho. He is majoring in Aerospace Engineering and will be headed back to Florida, where he is from, after graduation. His Mom describes him as a major space geek!!! lol I LOVE it!!! He has even done an internship at NASA!!!! He wants to eventually end up at SpaceX. So …what better Birthday Cake than an OUTER SPACE theme!!! And he was SOOO Cute.. He had on the PERFECT Space Hoodie when I delivered his Birthday Cake …It made for such a GREAT Picture! I LOVE delivering Cakes to these Fun kids that come from all over the world to attend BYU-Idaho …each with their own unique personality, families and stories …what a FUN thing to be a small part of!!!! And this Cake was so COOL to decorate … I frosted it in several different shades of Blue Buttercream swirled together then did some edible Gold Spray paint.. and some edible white paint splatters …and then topped that off with a little silver glitter dusting for added bling.. the effect was REALLY OUT of this WORLD!!! LOL Loved it!!! I will include some progress shots for you to see …Oh …and this was made in a Vanilla Cake with an OREO Cookie Fudge filling. 

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