More Birthday Cake Deliveries to BYU-Idaho Students

I absolutely LOVE my BYU-Idaho student Birthday Cakes that I get to deliver. It is so much FUN seeing their faces light up when I give them a Birthday Cake that someone from home ordered for them. I usually try and get a picture of the student with their cake so that I can text it back to Mom, Dad …Aunt so and so.. whomever ordered the cake for them. I LOVE that I get the privilege of being THAT connection between the student and their home/family. I think of what I would want for my older kids that live far away and to be able to share their Birthday with them even though I am not close by. It is just AWESOME!! Here are some pictures from a couple BYU-Idaho student Birthday deliveries that I got to do this week. I hope all these kids enjoyed their cakes as much as I enjoyed delivering it to them! 

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